Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is a Modern Holocaust

they have no mercy!

history-it's heartbreaking to watch,read n know what those inhumane devils (Israelis) have done to Palestinians. today's situation as a matter of fact is a Modern Holocaust.this is because the history tells us that the Holocaust is a term widely used to describe the genocide of 6 millions European Jews by the Nazi led by the infamous Adolf Hitler.As far as i know,the genocide was a part of the plans to remove the Jews from civil society before the second World War.Genocide is on the other hand means the deliberately destroying or i prefer to use the term 'cleansing' any ethnic,race,religion,group or the real life,the genocide is no longer uncommon to us and the inhumane siege in Gaza is among the examples of the genocide.i think the Jews have learnt their lessons frm the history and now they are using the same tactic used in order to cleanse the Palestinians in stages.enough about the history.

they are arrogant human-masked-devils!

the law-Eventhough there exists International Law to govern the peace of the world but yet,i don't see any difference that the law can attacks in various countries are still on,the death toll is increasing,the people is still suffering,the UN Security Council remain powerless etc.yes,it is true that by virtue of Art 2(4) of the UN Charter,the use of force is prohibited but Israel claims that the attacks in Gaza are under one of the exceptions to the said Article ie self-help/self-defence.

imagine they are your brother/sister/mother/father...

questions-do they think they are smart?they are wrong n im sure they know they are in fact and in law wrong,bcos self-help can be done provided that it is proportionate with the damage done.what have Hamas done to them that they hv rights to attack the innocent civilians...children,women etc(just name it!).eg,in the Tuesday incident,approximately 40 children died due to the attack in one agricultural school which is run by the UN.and again..Israelis claimed that the students were all the militants(they are brainless!)

sabarlah wahai ibu..mereka pasti ditempatkan di syurga :(

hope-i believe that the International administration will keep on promising us that the injustice will end soon but trust me,it will continue.and since the power is not with us, we as humans can always do something.Donate,Boycott and the most important thing is do PRAY so that the Israelis will be exiled from this world.Amiin..

i can feel the pain & suffering :(

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sakinah said...

israels = makhluk paling keji skali atas muka bumi ni.all they deserve is dying and extinct from d earth.lebih jahat dr setan!