Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cute Creatures

honestly, i'm not an animal lover.

whenever,wherever i saw cats,be it in the street,cafe,corridor etc,i always chased them away n being cruel to them(not to the extent i'd kill them..).since i was little,my mom had made herself clear that she didn't allow us to have pets,due to hygienic reason(justified!).and true enough until now my siblings n i are not really into pets(we aren't scared of them but we would never be the one to approach n play with them).but just now, while i was busy browsing interesting webs, i came across a web of rabbitry (a place where rabbits are kept).the rabbits are totally lovely!!!cute n funny! that i wish i can have one..hihi :D

the whitey is standing!


hihi.cute la..


cute gile!!hihi :P

inche rabbit..anda sungguh chubby!

p/s: credit to
Beh & Yo Rabbitry is an ARBA Registered Rabbitry operating in Semenyih with a weekend stall in Amcorp Mall.

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