Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crying over Gaza

this is sad :(

just now,i came across a pic of a guy on yahoo news.the headline writes "$240,000 for t-shirt bias suit".surprisingly,i know this guy!and his name is Raed Jarrar.i met him 2yrs back(2006) at PWTC during the war crime convention.he is one of the participants,and a blogger.meeting someone who is young n having great opinions on current issues is very rare,so one of my friends approached him n she took some pics with him(lalalala..hihi).btw,he is a US resident.the reason y im telling u abt this guy is (of course)not to tell u wht we did(hihi) but rather to tell u what's going on with him.the news mentioned that he was forced by the Jetblue Airways authority(im not sure the airways belong to whom but i believe it's owned by US) to cover his t-shirt which displayed Arabic characters.this happened in 2006(hmm..i think it happened few months aftr we met him in Kl).alhamdulillah,the Ct gave judgment in favour of him n the Airways was asked to pay $240,000 in compensation to him.the decision proves that there shall be no discrimination against the Muslim community.n the September 11 incident shouldnt be a sole reason for the non-Muslims to discriminate or look down on the Muslims at large.

Raed Jarrar

and when we speak abt Muslims,im not exempted to feel responsible to share some thoughts abt Gaza.as we know,the Israeli tanks as well as gunship go blazing into towns across the Gaza Strip and until now the death toll is keep on increasing.i wasnt surprised when i 1st heard abt this,bcos it is within our general k/g tht Israel being the cruelest nation can do almost everything to other countries.but they are way too much;killing innocent civilians esp children,women n elders!Ehud Olmert(curse on him!) is w/o any doubt the most hated man as he vowed that the attack will continue until Israel completely wipes out Hamas's ability to fire rockets into Israel(yet,im x surprised by his devilish attitude)but,speaking of the role of UN in this issue,the big question arises-where the hell is the UN security council??

p/s:please pray to Allah for our brothers n sisters' safety in Palestine.to all the martyrs,Al-Fatihah goes to you..

it's me learning the international law in the midnite

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