Saturday, September 5, 2009

There are countless reasons why I love my friends!!


Friend (or in hangul we refer it as 'Chinggu') is very much influential in my life. Believe it or not; I keep meeting new & very good friends whenever I go and I take it as a blessing from God.

Speaking of 'Chinggu', they have been a great help in my life; be it big & small favour. Taking for example, I'm thankful to Nab for accompanying me to Kl Central yesterday (to collect my train ticket which I've booked earlier for Aidilfitri celebration.can't wait!hehe). Thanks to Ilham for bringing delicious 'soto' from home ( least i can avoid eating ordinary cafe's food.hehe). My larger than life thanks to Kinah for waking me up everyday for Subuh prayer & class (ehehe.I told you already;I'm not a morning person!). Thanks Kinah (again!hehe). Thank you Herda for buying whatsoever food/kuih-muih for this room (you are d' BOMB!hehe). I remember Kinah & Herda bought me my fav kuih last time,; and at the same time I bought them too.hehe. But frankly speaking, I was moved when both of them thought of me and bought the same kuih and we ended up trying to eat them all (which obviously we couldn't.hehe).

Thank you Chinggu!!!!


just want to share what I've encountered when I was in one convenience shop. Janggggggggggggg!!!hehe.

Lee Min Ho is on the front cover of magazine called YG. You can imagine how overacted I was.hehe. I flipped through the mag and smiling happily while looking at Mino's pics (most of them from Trugen); then I asked Nab, "Should I buy this?" and she answered wisely, "You have all the pics of him right?". The problem with me is that I always seek for other's advice but I rarely followed their advices.hehe. But, having a 5-minute thought about it and taking into account that the contents of the mag were written in Mandarin, I came to my senses and didn't buy it (if only it's written in English/Bahasa, I'll definitely buy it without having a second thought.hehe)


Mino. MINO. MiNo. mINo.

behind the scene of CASS CF filming by Lee Min Ho & Dara of 2NE1 (she's an It girl in Korea now). If only I could find the high definition (HD) pic.phew~
btw,the CF will be released soon.

b) behind the scene of Vogue Girl Magazine photoshoot in London.

I have few pics but I only post one here(below)

Mino & the crews were having fun. I like!hehe

Etude House pictures by Lee Min Ho & an actress (I always forgot her name;she starred in Goong S together with Se7en.I remember cursing her a lot while watching her character in that series.ehehe)

d) Cutie Mino during Levis Signature fansigning (i love him more with beanie!!hehe)

e) Etude House CF (without English subtitle). Enjoy!

p/s: I have Professional Practice test next Wednesday.
Pray for me people!

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