Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka Day!

31st August 2010 marks our 53rd Independence Day

I think this is the best quote for today:-
Let us all as ONE be reminded that all Malaysians would live together as members of one big family
-the Late YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj

regardless whatever political party we believe in, as Malaysians we need to be united. unity does make WONDERS in any society. do we wish another May 13, 1969 to be repeated? It's a NO-NO peeps. although i don't even bother about 1Malaysia; (because am already in a multiracial society;i don't need any tag line to be associated with. this is my personal opinion. no offence), but unity is a very significant element in maintaining a peaceful country.

i wish i can speak Tamil
(but my grandpa can!fluently btw.hihi);

i wish i can speak mandarin/Cantonese. and in fact, am very comfortable with Indians, Chinese and also Sikhs. seriously.


October!! pali come! am counting days to meet my Crazy friends; esp. my ex-roommates
and also ex-de facto roommates.haha :p

it's not easy to say this but am literally missing him.haha. awkward!
Mr. Engineer

super extra:

yayaya...what would my bloggie be without Lee Min Ho.haha
*kekasih gelapku*

it's good to have twitter acc; the most convenient ever! the fastest way. i loikE!

he's in Prague; looking good with his extremely melting-my heart-to-the-max smile

argh! my mind automatically goes back to last October!! i should hv done everything I could to get a handshake from him; instead of hundreds "shaking" pics of him.
i hate Sg Wang Plaza!!!!*regret*

with his stylist unnie. she's always with him; but i didn't see her in Kl last yr.

don't ask me why i like him so much. i myself can't figure out why. and am sure no one in his more-than-1million-fans (on fb!) know the answer. well, no one has the RIGHT to ask me to begin with! my personal is my personal. i really hate it if anyone interrupts my personal thingy. it's really irritating.

i don't do forgiving quite often.

happy 53rd Merdeka Day Malaysians!!!

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