Sunday, August 8, 2010

I miss SCHOOL!

not law school. but my high school in particular.

friends who know me really well, surely know am a bit biased when it comes to my secondary schools. i studied in two schools; Kluang High School (STK) and another one is Mara Junior Science College Muar (MRSM Muar).

These two schools are totally two different entities.
and i do prefer the former than the latter. a lot. for many REASONS.

i found real friends in Stk, including my three besties. they are my STRENGTH back then. If they cried, so did I. and if I cried, so did THEY. that's how we value our friendship. i experience my 1st LOVE in that school. it's PAIN in the ass; so i can remember it well. how it started and how it ended. tragic. but it's one of the reasons why i became someone who's very meticulous when it comes to love. i found my greatest enemy in that school. betrayal, envy and hatred. until today, it never came to my mind to forgive her. i wish i can forget her face but people always say, there are two kinds of ppl we can't forget; the one that we really like/love and the one that we really hate. it's true. i found myself in that school. it gave me ENERGY that the latter school never gave. and it gave me HAPPINESS that the latter never gave.
but why did i leave that school?
perhaps; because i'm stupid, perhaps because i'm greedy and perhaps because i'm selfish;
that i wanted to escape the slightest weakness of me and
left the biggest strength of me there.

i MISS wearing the school uniform. the normal one.

i wore it once again and maybe for the last time, few years ago when participating in
my uni's programme "BACK TO SCHOOL".

one thing that i never changed, i hate MONDAYS!

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