Sunday, August 1, 2010

ok. FINE!

my body is in M'sia but my mind is in S'pore. what can I do?
I heard Mino will be staying in Spore until August 2nd. Why don't he swim across the borderline and go to Jb and meet M'sians?arghh!

envy is not good for my HEALTH. i know.hehe :P

looking at his pics, i bet he's already gained some weight. it's obvious. just look at his cheek and you'd know by a glance. He's damn TALL (like really really really tall plus he has a skinny long legs which makes him look taller!!) and the words have it that his weight is not proportionate with his i guess he needs to work out to build some muscles to get his ideal weight. BUT! knowing him; (am a real stalker); i mean Lee Min Ho's stalker (only), whenever he tried to gain some weight, his cheek will become chubbier before any part of his body will. If I were him; I'd be stressed out of gaining weight on my face.hmm..

But, he's still my #1!!! He's a piece of ART! and his long legs really stand out!haha. i watched a fancam vid (his arrival at Changi airport), one fan kept saying these words;
"oh my God, he's damn TALL" repeatedly.hehe~
And speaking of him; i wish he can choose his next project asap! I know he's much interested in doing film now but as a fan, pls...pls do drama! k-movies are rarely aired in M'sian cinemas except for few. It's really frustrated if I have to wait for months to watch the film. fyi, am also a fan of Song Hye Kyo and until today I didn't have a chance to watch her Hwangjini. So, I really hope he'll consider taking up a k-drama instead of movie.

I do miss Goo Joon Pyo with pama. damn!
am seriously missing him :(


oh!sleepy already.zZzzz

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