Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's Saturday! and I am feeling extremely GOOD!

lalalala ♪♫♪♫♪

#1. i love Mischievous Kiss's posters which are released recently (these two look yummy!) and the girl looks just like Yoon Eun Hye (seriously!)

Joo Won

#2. Gu Majun vs Kim Takgu
looks like I'm interested more in Majun's character (bad guys do rule!haha). thnks to Joo Woon; his acting skill is undeniably cool. I can't deny that Yoon Si Yoon is good; but i always believe portraying antagonist characters are harder than anyone could think. eye expression is very important!! and that has made Lee Min Ho loved by his fans for his GJP character; pitiful, lack of love & affection but he's ready to do EVERYTHING for his beloved one. so does Gu Majun; in order to get his father's attention (not biological father), he's willing to do everything to win his heart plus his desire of getting Shin Yugyeong's love makes his life more miserable & desperate. and like I mentioned in earlier post, Joo Won involved in musicals prior to Baker King and yeah,I happened to watch an interview of him and he's asked to sing. well, he is a good singer :) am anticipating more interesting plots in Baker King. it's already 14th episode on kbs world last wed; 16 eps to go!

#3. I can't believe we (Muslims) are already in our 11th day of Ramadhan. time really flies huh? can't wait for my siblings to come home for Raya fest!!!! come home pali!!! I haven't prepared anything yet; including baju raya (this would be my 2nd year buying ready-made baju raya. easier!). just pick,try,choose & pay.hehe

#4. I'm in my 6th month of chambering!!! can you believe it?? I can't. and once again; time really flies!!! Litigation & Conveyancing staffs are the backbones of any legal firm (if one is doing both areas). There are many things I don't even know but the staffs do. This is what we call PRACTICE; you can't find any in the law books/statute except few can be found in practice directions. honestly speaking; I always hated land law!as far as i remembered; i got B- for land law I.haha. but in the 2nd part of Land Law; i did get an A (thanks to the lecturer; GOD! i forgot her name.isk). she's very good and i don't know if i'm allowed to say this (hehe) but my grades were always dependent on lecturers; if i like one lecturer; i would get the worst B+ but i don't; I could get even C (i hate C!!it really marked down my CGPA.argghhh).

well,it doesn't matter if i get an A/C but my point is you will get a clearer understanding if you doing it instead of learning it. for eg. I didn't know what is Form16D/16G; i could only answer it correctly if it's questioned in exam papers. seriously. and am being honest here. but; thanks to the 6-month chambering (so far), 16D/16G and land law matters don't bother me anymore. the same goes for hire purchase matters; I didn't take up Banking Law/Islamic Banking Law as my elective subjects (i took alternative dispute resolution-ADR & medical law); so you can safely think that I did know NOTHING about hire purchase/banking. But, C.Sukumaran & Co. is a legal firm most specialized in banking matters (plus other areas of law); so this is a place where I learnt from the scratch.

half of conveyancing dept. staffs

so, thanks to all litigation & conveyancing staffs (esp. litigation dept). You really helped me a lot. I don't know what happen after November but this is a place where I began to realize it's NOT easy to be an advocate & solicitor. and trust me, not all good/Dean list students can do well in practice; only the hardworking one can SURVIVE!


Jangin Furniture pics
don't let ur imagination go WILD! *phew*

Mino attended Etude Pink Concert recently
looking casual with i-don't-really-like hairdo!hehe

ADIOS! happy fasting :)

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