Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kim Takgu ....

i'm LOVING it. seriously.

after Personal Taste, this is my current obsession!!
Baker King Kim Takgu
is a LOVE.hee~

30 episodes altogether; and it's still airing @ kbs World (and bear in mind that kbs world is two@three weeks behind the original #KBS). but Wednesdays & Thursdays seem far away; i keep waiting for them. *sigh*

Joo Woon is a newcomer and previously he involved in musicals. and for some reasons, he reminds me of Kang Dongwon!! hmm..i always fell for the bad guys (eg. Goo Joon Pyo etc) and it's a lie if i say i don't fall for him (i mean his character as Gu Majun.hehe). but Yoon Shi Yoon tops all characters in the Baker King :)

i recommend this k-drama. it has comedy, melodrama, serious, suspense elements. just switch on #303 every weds & thurs @ 9.00pm. sit and watch. Yoon Shi Yoon & Joo Won are Ddabong! (not to mention all co-stars..what a great cast they actually make)

i wonder what kind of project will he choose in a near future ... wish he will opt for violent character for his next project.huu~

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